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NEPHRON's origine:

Dr. Sumimoto Seiji was born at Japan in 2nd of December 1901. In 1925 he received the graduation degree in natural science from the famous Kiyoto University. Then he joined the Navy of Japan. Until his retirement he worked as a Deputy Chief of Naval staff of Japan Navy. Later Japan’s Navy provided him scholarship for the higher research on petroleum and mining.
He received his PhD degree with great success in 1936. After retirement in 1955 he formed the Sumimoto Scientific Institute after his name. 

Pure Oil Europe is committed to their objectives, which are to regain the unpolluted environment through trouble-free use of “Eco Nephron Dialysis”.  This unique system will be beneficial for both the individuals and entrepreneurs having plants and machinery. People will be able to save money and time and machinery will have more strength and almost double duration of longevity.


DR. SUMIMOTO SEIJI received the highest award from the Japanese Government for invention of the Nephron Dialysis System. Besides, he earned many other national and international awards.


The ECO Nephron technology has been succesfully applied in Maritime, Automotive and Industrial applications over the last 10 years.
Installation of the ECO Nephron technology will take away the need to change (lubricant) oil and herewith improve your environmental performance while at the same time saving cost.

The name 'Nephron' related to the Human kidney and creates the link with blood dialysis.

The unique patented ECO Nephron oil dialyses technology is equipped with a balanced heater (replacing pre-heating) a centrifuge and a filter-unit.

This combination and the unique characteristics of the filter/dialyses element result in removal of particles up to 1/1000th of conventional oil filtration, which significantly reduces engine wear.
The unique ECO Nephron filter element is equipped with a pH regulating catalyzer and even harmful oxides are removed during the filtration process, making the use of additives unnecessary. 
The use of the system leads to “Zero” disposal of Lubricant oil and contributes to sustainable use of fossil raw materials.

As friction will be minimized by continuous oil dialyses, this will result in fuel savings up to 5%.
The ECO-Nephron Oil dialysis installation shows and average payback period of around 3,5 years

The ECO-Nephron technology can be installed for dialysis of :

-Engine lubricant oil
-Turbine Oil
-Hydraulic oi

Pure Oil Europe serves all business areas with the ECO-Nephron technology.

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